Executive Staff Roles

Chief Executive Officer
The Department for Education regulations require that every Multi Academy Trust appoints an Executive Officer who will also act as the Academy Trusts Accounting Officer.The role of accounting officer includes specific responsibilities for financial matters. It includes a personal responsibility to Parliament, and to the Education Funding Agency’s accounting officer, for the financial resources under the trust’s control and compliance with all regulatory requirements.
The CEO and Accounting Officer for SMART is also a School Improvement and Performance Lead and will support and provide significant guidance and advise to all schools and Local Governing Boards within the Multi Academy Trust. The CEO also holds the role of Ex-officio Trustee and sits on the Board of Trustees and also the Performance and Curriculum Committee.
Chief Financial Officer
The Department for Education stipulates that a Chief Finance Officer must be appointed by the Board of Trustees of a Multi Academy Trust. The CFO plays both a technical and range of support and leadership roles, including ensuring sound and appropriate financial governance and risk management arrangements are in place, preparing and monitoring of budgets, and ensuring the delivery of annual accounts.
The CFO for SMART will undertake a significant financial budgeting, analysis, planning and risk management role. In addition the CFO will focus on key strategic management and business continuity and development functions. The CFO will report to the Board of Trustees and support and advise the Accounting Officer/CEO. In addition the CFO will be required to provide information and support to the Board of Trustee Finance and Audit Committee.