Members have ultimate responsibility for the Multi Academy Trust achieving its charitable Objectives
The members are the signatories to the Academy Trust’s Articles of Association, They exercise their rights under the Companies Act 2006 and the Articles of Association and agree not to do anything or take any action which, would cause the Academy Trust to contravene its Objects under article 4. Members have an overview of the governance arrangements of the academy trust and have the power to appoint trustees and remove these trustees. Members can amend the Articles of Association and may do so to support stronger governance arrangements, however any amendments would require approval by the  Department for Education.
 SMART Multi Academy Trust has four Members

Mr Callum Foster


Callum works for a large professional service firm, providing assurance services to a number of education bodies and across the wider public and private sectors

Ms Kirstin Hofbeck


Mrs Susan Foster


Mr James Clark

Member and Chair of the Board of Trustee - Retired

Mrs Gillian Caleary

Member - Retired

Gill is the Founder/Director of Out Fox Consultancy. Out Fox deliver practical strategies to improve and grow income streams in the retail and airport industry.

Gill has 25 years experience in the commercial world, having previously held senior commercial positions in retail and airport companies.