Cheviot Primary School

Cheviot Primary School is a foundation primary school for children aged 3-11 years. It is situated in Yetholm Place in Newbiggin Hall, an area of relative economic deprivation, on the edge of Newcastle upon Tyne. Within the school there are two additionally resourced centres (ARCs). One is an Early Years/ Assessment ARC and the other provides small group education for pupils who face social, emotional or mental health challenges. Cheviot Primary School also has a pre-school provision for two year olds. A daily Breakfast Club sponsored by Greggs and Bellway Homes provides a healthy start to the day with social activities and games for children in Year 1 to Year 6. There is a good range of extra-curricular and pupil-interest clubs after school. Cheviot Primary School has attained a number of awards including LPPA for the second time, ActiveMark, Healthy Schools, EnviroSchools and the Basic Skills mark. The school has excellent working practice in supporting families and their learning. Parents regularly take part in accredited course in academic, social and parenting skills. Individual pupils and families are also well supported in times of crisis or difficulty. There is a thriving ‘Friends of Cheviot’ group actively involved in fundraising and supporting enrichment activities. Cheviot Primary provides a safe, nurturing environment where children are happy and are keen to learn. We have high expectations of excellent behaviour, kindness, respect and good manners from our children. They are encouraged and enabled to build positive relationships with staff and peers. Staff, parents and the local governing board all actively work together to ensure pupils develop skills for lifelong learning. During the last two years, Cheviot has undergone a period of rapid improvement ensuring all children access excellent teaching, a creative curriculum leading to consistently high academic attainment and progress across all phases of the school. Our motto embodies the ethos and climate for learning at Cheviot: ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’.
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Mr Lee Gallon

Executive Head Teacher

Executive Head Teacher:
Cheviot Primary School and
Farne Primary School

Mrs Gill Halliford

Head of School

Mr Brian Ruderman

Chair- Local Governing Board